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The Bugboard is a full featured, 2 tiered budget pedal board  made from incredibly tough laser cut Baltic Birch plywood. All the pieces lock together, and there is no glue and no fasteners used in the design, adding to the durability.

Price is in Canadian Dollars. (Currency Converter below)

Bugboard 2 Tier - Full featured budget pedal board

Out of Stock
    •  2 tier pedal mounting surfaces, angled toward the player.

    • A handy storage area in the back of the board for you power supply, cables, etc.

    • An innovative pedal mounting system using plastic tie wraps or velcro (both are included with your BugBoard).

    • Easy cable routing between the pedals. And all the cable stay out of sight.

    • Space for 6 standard pedals.

    • Very light and easy to carry.

    • Flat pack shipping & storage.

    If you are in the Edmonton, Alberta area please contact us directly to avoid shipping costs. (Use contact box below).

  • 60 day full refund guarantee. If you are not happy with your bugboard contact us for a full refund.

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