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What is a BugBoard?

The Bugboard is a full featured budget pedal board made from incredibly tough laser cut Baltic Birch plywood. All the pieces lock together, and there is no glue and no fasteners used in the design, adding to the durability.  How Durable? Click here to find out

What are the features of a BugBoard?
  • 1/2 the price of the competitors board. With more features.

  • Two models available - a Flat Top version for those large pedals and a 2 tier verison for standard pedals.

  • A handy storage area in the back of the board for your power supply, cables, etc.

  • Pedals can be mounted using Velcro or plastic tie wraps. All of these are included with your BugBoard.

  • Easy cable routing between the pedals. And all the cable stay out of sight.

  • Comes with a handy "BugBoard Bag" to carry your board and cables.

  • Very light and easy to carry.

  • Flat pack shipping & storage.

  • Bug Board Flat Top Dimensions - Click here

Mod it!

Stain it. Paint it. Drill it. Make it your own. And then send us a picture for our gallery.

Who would use this?

The Bugboard is geared toward players with modest requirements that can't justify spending over well over $100 for a board for their handful of pedals. You know - For those smaller gigs, Jammers, Blues players, young guys and gals just starting out, and plain old cheapskates (like me).

How can I buy a BugBoard?

You can buy it right here for only $66 (Canadian) + Shipping.

There is a $ Conversion program below.

We are also on Reverb if you would rather do it that way.


Any pictures or videos?

Glad you asked. I have several "How-To" Videos on my YouTube channel.

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